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George Bakhturidze

Date of birth: 30 November, 1970


1993-1997 Kutaisi State University, Faculty of Medicine. Physician-laboratorian.

1993-1997 Kutaisi State University, Faculty of Law. Lawyer.

1990-1991 Special Courses of Eastern (Oriental) and Alternative Medicine:
- Tbilisi Therapy Institute;
- Public Medicine Course in Moscow;
- USA-Canada-USSR Joint Enterprise’s International Course

Professional experience

2001-today Tobacco Control Alliance in Georgia. Coordinator.
- Realization of programs in Tobacco Control;
- Epidemiology and Law regulation of Tobacco Control questions;
- Organization NGOs local and regional networking in this direction.

1990 - today Private Medical Practice.

1998-2001 Georgian National Counter Tobacco Center. Executive Director.
- Realization of programs in the field of healthy life style;
- Prevention of tobacco, alcohol, drug use etc.
- Treating of nicotinism, alcoholism, neuroses and other diseases;
- Law regulation of these questions and epidemiological researches.

1996-1998 Academy of Healthy Lifestyle of the IAYD. Director.
- Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle;
- Law regulations of tobacco control questions.

1993-1996 Kutaisi State University. Educational-Scientific Center. Head of Medical Laboratory.
- Research and introduction of People’s Eastern and Alternative methods of medicine;
- Organization of educational courses in this field;
- Prevention and treating of tobacco and drug dependence.

1991-1993 Kutaisi Polytechnic Institute. Laboratory of Cosmophysical Researches. Scientist.

Current occupation

FCTC Implementation and Monitoring Center. Director.
- Promotion of Implementation of FCTC in Georgia;
- Monitoring on the execution processes of FCTC;
- Preparation reccomendations and proposals for FCTC harmonization in national law system;
- Regional (Caucasus, CIS) networking for implementation of FCTC.

Participation on the last International Conferences, seminars, trainings

- XIIIth World Conference on Health Promotion and Education, Melbourne (Australia), April 25-30, 2004;
- 12th World Conference “Tobacco or Health”, Helsinki, August, 2003;
- 3rd meeting of the International Network of Health Promotion Foundations, Budapest, April, 2003;
- OSI Conference – “Building Coalitions for Tobacco Control”, Bucharest, April, 2003;
- Tobacco control seminar, Kiev, April, 2003;
- "Six Intergovernmental Negotiations about Framework Convention on Tobacco Control”, Geneva, March, 2003;
- Round Table “Tobacco Control and Development” High Level meeting of European Commission with cooperation WHO, February, 2003;
- “European Conference of European Public Health Associations”, Dresden, November, 2002;
- “Towards Public attention for Framework Convention on Tobacco Control”, Bled (Slovenia), September, 2002;
- “Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco Annual Conference”, Savannah (USA), February, 2002;
- “Global Health Forum-5”, Geneva, October, 2001;
- “Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco - European Conference”, Paris, September, 2001;
- “Global Conference for Cancer Organizations”, Brighton, June, 2001;
- “Tobacco Workshop of the World Federation of Public Health Associations”, Geneva, May, 2001;
- “First Intergovernmental Negotiations about Framework Convention on Tobacco Control”, Geneva, October, 2000;
- “Tuberculoses and Lung Diseases”, Florence, September, 2000;
- 11th World Conference “Tobacco or Health”, Chicago, August, 2000;
- “Tobacco Control in Central Asia Region”, Bishkek, April, 2000.


E-mail: fctc-geo@posta.ge

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